At Wangaratta High School our Senior Years includes all students and programs from Years 10 to 12.  Our Senior Years have the opportunity to study a personalised learning program based on a broad range of subjects that provide strong pathways options into any desired career or employment.  The quality, personalised, learning programs and co-curricular opportunities offered at a Senior level continue to build on the opportunities provided to students in our Middle Years programs including an extensive music program, World Challenge, International Exchange Programs and a variety of sporting and extension activities.

Wangaratta High School operates under a learning communities structure where the students and staff work in smaller teams.  These teams are designed to support the development of both a learning and pastoral care relationship over the years that the students attend Wangaratta High School.  Students are able to select from a broad range of courses so as to provide alternative pathways beyond secondary school.

Every student at Wangaratta High School student to a Mentor Group Class, made up of 20-25 students. Each Mentor Group Class has a Mentor Teacher who is responsible for building and maintaining positive relationships with students and parents.  

Senior Years Course Structure

Wangaratta High School provides a broad range of opportunities for all students in the Senior Years. Students select their course based on their potential vocational pathway from the following course options:

  • Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE)
  • Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) 
  • Vocational Educational and Training (VET
  • School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBAT)
  • University Enhancement

Year 10

Our Year 10 students undertake a core and elective based curriculum.  At Year 10, the core subjects are English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Physical Education and the elective subjects, based on individual interests and pathway planning, are selected from the Languages, Arts and Design & Technology.

Our year 10 students also have the opportunity to select a VET subject or commence a VCE subject as part of an accelerated learning program and can also undertake a School Based Apprenticeship & Traineeship (SBAT).

Years 11 & 12

Students undertaking their VCE studies at Wangaratta High School receive high level support from our experienced and committed VCE teaching staff.  The only core subject in the VCE is English therefore students select their VCE program based on their pathways plan.

The VCE plan usually includes a program of 22 to 24 units taken over a 2 year period.  Year 11 includes a program of 6 units per semester from Units 1 & 2 and Year 12 typically includes 5 units from Units 3 & 4.

Wangaratta High School provides extensive and ongoing support to all students to ensure that their subject selections are aligned to their strengths and desired future career pathway. Course Counselling is a major part of our annual program at the School as well as ongoing daily support from classroom and mentor teachers.