At Wangaratta High School our Middle Years includes all students and programs from Years 7 to 9.  Students in our Middle Years are provided with a broad range of challenging programs reflective of the diversity of our broader community and are fortunate to be involved in quality, personalised, learning programs and co-curricular opportunities that include an extensive music program, World Challenge, Duke of Edinburgh Award, International Exchange Programs and a variety of sporting and extension activities.

Wangaratta High School operates under a sub-school structure where the students and staff are allocated to smaller sub-school teams.  These teams are designed to support the development of both a learning and pastoral care relationship over the years that the students attend Wangaratta High School.  Students are able to select from a broad range of courses so as to provide alternative pathways beyond secondary school.


Middle Years Course Structure

Year 7

In Year 7, students undertake a common core curriculum.  Students undertake the majority of their classes in Mentor Groups.  Students study Italian. 


Year 8

In Year 8, students study a common core curriculum.  Students undertake the majority of their classes in Mentor Groups.  Students continue to study Italian.

Art & Technology run as a rotation across Years 7 & 8.  This will ensure that all students are given access to a “taste” of all Art & Technology subjects.  This will support elective choice and an understanding of pathway options in the future.

This rotation will include: Art, Ceramics, Food, Wood, Textiles, Metal, Drama and Visual Communication.  Music is run as a single session for all students each week.


Year 9

Having experienced a common core curriculum in Years 7 & 8, student choice is accentuated by the core and elective program available in Year 9.

  • Subjects in Year 9 are organised as semester units.
  • All students will be involved in various aspects of the Community Leadership Challenge Program (CLC).
  • All students will study the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Health and Physical Education (HAPE).
  • Students can select their other units for each semester as part of the Elective Blocks for Art, Technology and Skill.  These include Vocational Education & Training (VET) Tasters, VET Taster Hospitality, VET Taster IDM/Music Industry and VET Taster Sport and Recreation.
  • All students participate in the skill - compulsory VET IT Taster two sessions per week for one semester.  This gives students approximately 40 hours of specific IT skills learning that will support them in taking on the VET IT / VCE IT Pathways.
  • Students studying a Language should note that it must be taken as a semester sequence (i.e. studied all year).  Language is not a compulsory study in Year 9 with the exception of students enrolled in the (SEAL) Select Entry Accelerated Learning program.

Year 9 Community Learning Challenge (CLC)

In order for students to link their learning to real life situations, all Year 9 students are involved in the Community Leadership Challenge Program.  The Community Leadership Challenge Program is an integral part of Wangaratta High School.

The Year Nine program at Wangaratta High School is structured in order to give our student’s access to the very best that WHS can offer in breadth, depth and relevant, relationship based learning.  The CLC program continues to provide the opportunity for Year 9 students to link their learning to their interests and skills within a local or global community context whilst working with a core team of teachers and mentors dedicated to working with Year 9.

A feature of the program is an ongoing project that integrates learning where students direct themselves in collaboration with the community. It allows all students the opportunity of experiencing applied learning and some VET Taster experiences prior to making pathway decisions for Year 10.  ‘Project based’ learning is considered ‘best practice’ in teaching and learning; its relevance and links to the ‘real world’ give students the opportunity to take control of their learning and develop the essential interpersonal and organisational skills that enable them to take their place as valued members of society. 

The program also enables students to attain The Duke of Edinburgh’s Bronze Award.  The award is internationally recognised and declared. “The Award concept is one of individual challenge.  It presents to young people a balanced, non-competitive program of activities that encourage personal growth, self-reliance, perseverance, responsibility to themselves and service to their community.”  

The CLC program builds on the research undertaken about student learning at Year 9.  The research indicates that the CLC program significantly enhances Year 9 independence in learning and maximises student learning potential for the future.

The ‘Community Project’ component of the CLC program operates from the CLC Year 9 Learning Space; providing a welcoming but educative atmosphere for all involved. There are important ‘symbolic’ components of the program that allows students in Year 9 able to wear a CLC T-Shirt for the duration of the program.