Our Mission Statement

At Wangaratta High School we are implementing a School Wide Positive Behaviour (SWPB) as a process for supporting student, staff and parent wellbeing.  Our mission is to build a positive culture of learning and teaching across our school community. Collecting and using data to inform our practice is a major element of applying expected behaviours and actions within our school community.

What is School Wide Positive Behaviour Support?

SWPB is a broad range of systemic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviour. 

SWPB relies on the use of data analysis in all decision making and the practices used by staff both in classroom and non classroom settings. Preferred behaviour is recognized, acknowledged and re-inforced. The most common reward used should be verbal praise. In SWPB there should be 6 positive comments to 1 corrective comment. 

Our Core Values at Wangaratta High School are shown below.  These values underpin our thinking and conversations with students, parents and colleagues.

Core Values:

  • Ready to learn
  • Safe
  • Respectful
  • Personal best

Student Wellbeing Supports

Mentor teachers

Every student at Wangaratta High School is placed with a Mentor Group and teacher who, at Year 7, usually has a number of lessons with the group each week. Mentor Teachers undertake the pastoral care associated with this role meets daily with his/her mentor group and is usually your child’s first point of contact if they are experiencing any problems. They will be able to talk with the student and ascertain if the problem or query needs to be addressed further.

Wellbeing Team Leader

The School’s Wellbeing Team Leader is available to students from all levels, to offer assistance with any difficulties they may be experiencing. These problems may result from home, conflicts with peers or teachers or financial problems. At all times the information of both parents and students is treated confidentially. Some problems can be dealt with by offering practical information whilst others may need referral to someone with specialist training. Students may contact the Wellbeing Team Leader personally at the Wellbeing Centre or via their Mentor Teacher.

School Nurse

Our School Nurse is provided to the School by the Department of Human Services for to assist in the delivery of health and wellbeing programs for students.  

Youth Health Service

A Youth Health Service portal has been developed as part of the Youth Health Service initiative. You can find the web portal here: http://youthhealthservice.org 

The YHS portal is a portal for teens, by teens, with up to date accredited health information. All agencies listed under the portal site are located in the North East region of Victoria, including Wangaratta and surroundings (Beechworth, Milawa, Benalla, Myrtleford etc). Check out further information under the Issues tab on the YHS portal, where you can find many topics that may assist you. Each tab takes you to a local agency website, and under each page there are contact numbers provider should you require confidential assistance. 

Transition Co-ordinator 

The Transition Co-ordinator is the direct link between the High School and your child’s Primary School. It is their role to ensure that each child’s transition from Primary to Secondary School is a successful and happy experience. The Transition Co-ordinator will visit your child’s Primary school to discuss transition issues with the Grade 6 Teacher. If you have any problems regarding the transition of your child to his/her secondary school, parents may contact the Transition Coordinator. The School’s Transition Coordinator is Mr John Paola.

Orientation Camp

Early in the year an Orientation Camp is held for Year 7 students, giving them an opportunity to get to know some of their teachers and peers on a more personal level. This is especially valuable for students who come from small rural schools. The camps are based around adventure activities such as canoeing, abseiling, initiatives and rope courses and are designed to challenge students and encourage them to participate in a team situation. All year 7 students are encouraged to participate in the camping program.