Wangaratta High School is committed to achieving the highest level of learning for each student at our School.  To achieve this, the school conducted extensive research into the key factors that impact a student’s learning with a clear vision to implement a consistent style of learning across our school in areas of curriculum and learning.

We support teachers and students to incorporate the models of 'best practice pedagogy' into normal everyday classroom teaching and learning practice.

We adopt a best practice instruction model that aligns with our school values.




Learning intentions/success criteria. Clearly stated learning tasks and time management outlines displayed in each lesson to promote connections and ownership for students.



Explicit Teaching. Guided teaching practice that includes questioning to establish understanding and showing skills, strategy and process.



Application. Students apply and practice skills with teachers observing and providing feedback, inclusive of small group, independent and interdependent learning tasks.



Reflections. Students reflect on learning goals, self-assessing what and how they are learning and reviewing key points.



Now where? Teacher reflections on what has or hasn’t worked in the classroom and the development of assessment strategies.