Wangaratta High School supports a full student owned device program to enable all students to have 1:1 computer learning!



To ensure that students have flexible access to digital technology to support their learning, a student owned device is the best option. A student owned computer must comply with the WHS Technical Specifications and be used in accordance with the WHS Acceptable Use Agreement.



Families can purchase new computers or may have one available that meets the minimum requirements for learning. 

Wangaratta High School has partnered with Harvey Norman Wangaratta to be able to offer families significantly  reduced pricing on high quality machines on WHS recommended devices. Comprehensive warranty and insurance is also available.

You can have a look at the range of computers and insurances available and purchase directly in store at Harvey Norman.

Familes can also provide a device from any supplier of your choice that complies with the WHS Technical Specifications. Insurance is advised.

Full information and details about purchasing a computer are available here.

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